My/Mo Mochi


Prepared for My/Mo Mochi



Craft an authentic visual campaign combining contextualized still photos, stop motion animation, short videos and boomerangs showcasing My/Mo Mochi as delicious, irresistible and fun!





  • Bright, popping visuals of my/mo mochi

  • Mochi bit in to or cut in half

    • Images with a bite sized portion cut out seem less authentic

  • Allow My/Mo Mochi To Come To Room temperature so are slightly melty in visuals

  • Provide context through props such as bowls, plates, utensils, etc...

  • A focus on staked my/mo mochi

Types of Visuals (Inspiration Board At End)

  • Mochi stacked in a ice cream cone

  • Mochi stacked on a plate, marble table, in a bowl

  • Shots with individual mochi and the ingredients of their flavors

    • i.e. fresh strawberries with strawberry mochi

  • When new flavors are released or my/mo becomes available in stores, contextualized images announcing new flavors/stockers

  • Mochi Production Photos

    • Behind the scenes visuals drive high engagement

    • Great for Instagram stories!

  • People enjoying My/Mo Mochi presented in an un-staged format

  • boomerang 

    • People biting into My/Mo mochi

    • My/Mo mochi production

      • Stuffing The Mochi

    • two people cheers with My/Mo mochi

    • Stacking My/mo mochi in a cone, on a table, bowl, and/or plate

    • My/Mo mochi melting in reverse 

    • Pouring hot fudge or caramel sauce on top of a stack of my/mo mochi

    • close up of melting/drippy my/mo mochi in between thumb and index finger, bright + colorful background

  • Short Video

    • Mochi Sundae preparation

    • Behind The Scenes Mochi Production

  • Stop Motion Animation

    • Mochi marching accros a surface

    • mochi being bitten into and disappearing