Photo By  Alex Richardson

Professional Commercial, Travel + Adventure Photographer

I’m an adventurer. A pioneer. A seeker. A wanderer.

My photography represents the quest for new experiences and evoking all of the senses.
For pushing boundaries and finding autonomy. I create photos for those who want to taste life in all of its glory: the risk takers, the innovators. 

Outside of photography, I enjoy emerging myself in culture, science, and learning as much as I can about anything and everything. Snowboarding, gardening, and reading occupy most of my non-visual-creating time. 

I’m a lifelong travel and adventure photographer who caught the bug after becoming obsessed with my father’s Pentax medium format as a young boy. Learning photography became a bonding experience for us as we travelled the world on photographic adventures. While film cameras are still a passion, I’ve long moved into the digital world and currently shoot on the Sony Alpha Mirrorless Full Sensor system and DJI drones.

From the Indian Caves of the California desert to the Alaskan wilderness, Africa to Australia, and even traveling to Svalbard with Martha Stewart, I’ve been fortunate to explore and experience the world while growing my ability and passion for capturing as much of it as I can through my camera lens.

I’m grateful to live a life of adventure, story telling, and bringing brands to life. From restaurant, food, and beverage brands through Foodtography Studio to commercial work for brands of all sizes, I’m excited to highlight your story in an artistic, professional, and engaging way, and bring your vision to life. Available for shoots worldwide, anytime. 

Stay adventurous.


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